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Ad marketing specialties is a complete laundry list of different items that are personalized and branded with your name or company name and information. Whether this is a pen, post-it notes, stress ball or keychain, we have all seen these items at some point. AMS items are a great way to create a unique impression on a potential client. AMS itmes are proven to be the most cost effective way of getting advertising out to potential clientele because of the number of "clicks" they provide. Clicks are the number of times a person sees your name because of a given marketing item. For example, postcards are a one "click" item in the marketing world. People read the postcard once, hopefully twice, and then either throw the piece away or are called to action by it. A pen or notepad may be seen by your potential new client 50 or 100 times. Because of the longer usage time, you are more likely to draw that persons business the next time they need your services.

Booklet Printing <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

CSL has the capabilites to make your next publishing project shine. We produce perfect bound, wire-o, spiral and saddle stitched products. Whether you are publishing your own work or producing an end of the year report for your company, we can facilitate that project for you. Perfect bound books start as little as 20 pages and are glued on the spine to hold all the sheets together. You typically see books produced in this manner for larger sheet counts and for long-term durability. Wire-O and Spiral bound books have holes drilled into the side of the printed sheets and we then insert the binder into those holes and clamp them shut. These binds are typically used for booklets in a presentation type environment because they allow the booklets to lay flat on a table. Saddle stitch booklets are great for any of the above, but are typically less than 50 pages.

Business Card Design <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Business cards are a vital part of your business personality. When you meet someone and give them your card for the first time, you want to insure that your card is representing you in a professional manner. We can help you accomplish that goal by providing you with vibrant print on a multitude of papers and access to a graphic designer with an eye for visual appeal.

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Calendars <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Everyone likes a calendar and they are a wonderful way to promote your business or to give as gifts to your parents and grandparents. We can personalize your calendar project to add a more personal touch to your marketing items or gifts.

Coffee Mugs <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

We have a printing process here called dye sublimation. This process allows us to produce color printed products on a wide range of products from glass to cotton. Coffee Mugs are a wonderful way to promote your business or to create a branded feel to your office.

Custom Branded Apparel <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

We offer full embroidery, screen printing and dye sublimation capabilities. If you need office wear, button downs and polos, or casual apparel we are the right fit for you. We will direct you to our catalog where you can choose from 1000's of items of different clothes. You pick what you would like, we'll order it and then brand those pieces for you and your company. Nothing gives a more professional appearance then when your employees have custom embroidered apparel. Branding like this promotes a sense of professionalism to your client that is priceless. Click here to check out our catalog of items.

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Digital Printing <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Digital printing is the use of state of the art print technology to produce printed products in an on demand environment. With these capabilities we are able to produce small quanitites with minimal setup charges compared to traditional offset printing. Digital print allows us to also produce jobs quicker and with some amazing attributes. Instead of static images like in offset print, digital print allows us to change the layout of each individual sheet. This process is called variable data/image printing and is proven to create a greater return on investment for marketing pieces.

Full Color Print <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Full Color print descirbes every piece we produce. Our printing equipment allows us to place magnificent and vibrant color onto a multitude of papers and plastics. Full Color Printing:

  • Shows that you care about your marketing and you're willing to invest in your company and products
  • Sets you apart from other companies that are printing black & white

With the investment in the type of equipment operated by CSL Media, we can produce vibrant colors that can not be produced on your standard office printer or local copy shop.

Graphics Expertise <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

If you are in the process of spending some of your hard earned profits on a marketing piece, shouldn't you get the most for your money! We've seen it many times where people spend money on the production of printed materials without first having proper artwork. We have a graphic designer on staff that has a keen eye for visually appealing graphics. She also has that uncanny ability that artists have to take your thoughts and turn them into reality. Yes, you will spend a little more money for design fees and setup, but isn’t it worth it in the end to have a professionally produced visually appealing product.

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Holiday Cards <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Put your kids faces on your next holiday cards and send them to the grandparents! Your parents are sure to love them and you will have great fun making something memorable for your family. We can print your business holiday cards using variable data printing to produce individual messages to each of your clients.

Indoor Posters <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

We produce indoor signage and posters on our Epson Wide Format printer. It produces exceptional quality and is wonderful for indoor posters for your office. This printer is 24" wide and is wonderful for poster or indoor signage for your next event.

Laminating <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Lamination is another way to provide enhanced durability and ruggedness. If you are trying to protect a printed piece from the elements, create a more rigid piece for handling purposes or have a piece that will withstand the test of time then lamination could be for you. Lamination is actually a piece of plastic that has a glue coating applied to it at the manufacturers. Our laminator then heats the roll of coated plastic enough to melt the glue. As we run your printed materials thru the laminator a combination of heat and pressure applies the laminate to your paper.

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Mailing Services <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Bulk Mailing allows you to take advantage of the postal discounts that the USPS offers. These discounts are given to us because we actually share in the work that the USPS would normally have to do. What this means is that when we deliver a mailing to the post office, it is already seperated and labeled for its destination. So no matter if it is delivering to California or downtown Fredericksburg, it has been prepackaged and sorted for delivery to its endpoint. We offer first class and standard mailing services, NCOA, barcoding, inserting, tabbing and fulfillment. Our experience covers the entire gamut of mailing, from 500 pieces to 500,000 pieces. Let our experience work for you!

Pens <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Pens are another wonderful way to get the most exposure out of your budget. Everyone loves a great pen and are reluctant to relinquish a good writing tool. We can brand those pens so that every time someone uses it, they will be once again reminded of you and your services. This is an economical way to get your brand out into the Fredericksburg area market. Pens change hands frequently and help you reach additional clientele.

POP Displays <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Point of Purchase displays are a great way to draw attention to a new item you have for sale. These displays can take on a multiude of forms from table tents, fully printed boxes, counter displays with easels and many different alternatives. POP is a great way to draw attention to a new promotion or to create a unique marketing campaign that seperates you from the pack!

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Postcards <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Postcards and postcard mailings are a great way to get your name out there to the Fredericksburg Area. They are an economical and budget friendly way to gain exposure!

With professionally printed postcards, your business can: Drive new clientelle, Drive new marketing campaigns for your website, and Gain Brand Notoriety within the Fredericksburg Community. We also offer variable data print marketing to personalize your mailings and increase your return on investment from a standard 2 - 3% up to 7 - 10%. UV Coating is available on postcards to help prevent fading, scratching and marring in the mailing process.

Let us show you how to take advantage of Every Door Direct from the US Postal Service. This is a low cost mail entry offering for hitting thousands of local homes within a radius around your home or business. CSL offers turnkey solutions where we print mail piece and apply an address, postage with postal discounts. We also deliver them to the post office for you.

UV Coating <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

We are very proud of the fact that we are the only printer in the Fredericksburg area that offers UV Coating in our production facility. UV coating is a magnificent way to protect the look and value of your printed materials. UV is a liquid coating that is applied after print that is cured by UV rays. This curing seals in the ink and adds a layer of material on top of the ink and paper. This added layer provides scuff and scratch resistence for your marketing materials. If you have a postcard or booklet that will be handled either by many hands or equipment, such as mail processors, then UV provides a barrier against wear and tear.

Variable Print <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Variable print capabilities allow us to change the print from piece to piece. This change could be as simple as applying an address for mailing purposes. What a lot of people don't realize is that variable imaging allows us to go much further than just a few simple lines of text. We are able to personalize each piece in a multitude of ways to create a more appealing piece to your end user. This personalized experience has proven to increase ROI in marketing campaigns becuase the end user creates a connection with your marketing design. For example, let's say you are the marketing manager for a local car dealership and you are trying to drive repeat business from past clientele. We could produce a marketing piece that is addressed to your end user, has their name in multiple locations within the print and also has a picture of the car that they are driving currently. All the personalization connects with your future client and draws them into your marketing campaign. At that point you know that they are reading the new offers that you are advertising, whether that is more money for their trade-in or a repeat customer incentive program. Whatever your campaign may be, the higher rate of actual reads translates into a higher ROI on your marketing dollars!

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Vinyl Banners <<<< Click to Request a Quote!

Vinyl Banners are a great way to draw attention to an event or sales promotion at your location or at a show. We produce banners on a 13 oz Scrim Vinyl with UV inks that make them durable to the elements. We are able to produce full color graphics, edge to edge, on our banners and can either sew them with pockets for pole hanging or place grommets in them for tying them down.